Immediate Edge Experience & Test
Among the digital currencies, Bitcoin is probably the one that is best known. No wonder, because in the past few years headlines have been published reporting about ordinary people who became millionaires virtually overnight. The reason for this wealth: a large portion of luck and a good hand when investing in cryptocurrency.

If you want to invest money with little effort and a good chance of success, you can register withImmediate Edge. Registration is free and requires no special knowledge. Immediately after registration, beginners and advanced traders can start trading through an automated bot.

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How does Immediate Edge work in detail?

This is a platform that enables trading in Bitcoin for all kinds of investors around the world. The bot works as follows: With the help of an algorithm specially programmed for this purpose, software ensures that current data and figures are compared and evaluated. Based on these calculations, the bot tries to predict whether prices will change in the near future and, if so, to what extent they will change.

Following the prediction, the bot executes trades for the investor. Depending on the current market situation, cryptocurrency is sold or bought – always in such a way that the investor makes a profit if possible. If this has worked out, the customer can either have the money transferred to his account or reinvest the surplus profits in Bitcoin and Co.

### Paying for money ###

Creator behind Immediate Edge unknown until today

The website of the provider Immediate Edge does not say who exactly created the popular platform. However, if you think that the very good service or even the seriousness suffers from this, you are mistaken. The processing of withdrawals and deposits is very simple and fast. In addition, investors can look forward to good success rates and friendly service. It is generally assumed that at least professional developers and of course experts from the financial sector are behind the bot – otherwise the implementation would not be possible at all.

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What investors think of the platform

Very few people would ever have thought that so much money could be earned with Immediate Edge without any hard work. Those people who have already made it possible for themselves to earn a hefty extra income are particularly convinced by the whole concept. Investors from all kinds of countries are sure: Immediate Edge offers a great customer service paired with optimal conditions for beginners.

These advantages stand out in particular

The platform can particularly shine thanks to the free registration. Here, investors do not have to put money in their hands before they can earn any. Of course, there is still a minimum deposit of 250 dollars. But this amount is rather low in direct comparison with other platforms.

The fact that there is a simple demo account benefits all investors who want to be sure how the software works before they start trading. Together with the good reputation and the serious advice, Immediate Edge also scores in this case all along the line.

The only restriction that currently exists with Immediate Edge is the limitation with regard to the broker. Clients cannot freely choose a broker, but are assigned a provider.

How does Immediate Edge compare with similar platforms?

Especially with regard to the reliable support and the initial amount of just 250 dollars, Immediate Edge is convincing. Especially for people with little or no experience, these are unbeatable arguments that other platforms cannot offer. The bot, which enables automatic trading with Bitcoin and other currencies, is all the more convincing.

Conclusion on Immediate Edge and the associated bot

Afterwards, investors are convinced that Immediate Edge is a reputable provider. Of course, there is no guarantee for profits here, just like with other providers of this kind. But those who want to take the chance can sign up here with a clear conscience. In comparison with other bots, Immediate Edge performs very well. A recommendation is therefore entirely appropriate.